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               ABOUT Bill Robinson III


Cobra Tree Service was founded 28 years ago in the wake of the 1994 Memphis Ice Storm. Founder BIll Robinson III is a native of Memphis. Bill has a Commercial pilots license and flew Multi-engine aircraft and Helicopters for Whirlybird Helicopters back in the late sixties, seventies and eighties. He flew for numerous corporations which included NBC News, CBS News, TV-5, TV-3, The United States Corps of Engineers and the Federal Game Wardens, etc.  He founded Cobra Security in 1980 and still runs that company today along with Cobra Tree Service. Cobra Tree Service is located in the heart of East Memphis. They specialize in cutting down trees that are too dangerous to climb. They have the latest high tech equipment made to do tree work including the only tree firm in the Memphis area with a ASV - SR-80 Big Foot Track loader and a Nifty SD-64 all 4 wheel drive 70 foot reach man lift. This equipment is very turf friendly and allows them to do major tree work without destroying your yard and landscaping............